My Dog Ate Eggshells: What Should I Do?

My Dog Ate Eggshells

My dog ate eggshells; what should I do? That’s a question many dog parents grapple with from time to time. Of course, eggs are safe and nutritious for dogs. But still, you can get worried if your dog eats eggshells. If you notice white stuff in your dog’s poop, then your dog might have taken … Read more

Best Undercoat Rake for Short Hair Dogs

Best Undercoat Rake for Short Hair Dogs

Is your dog shedding too much? The best undercoat rake for short hair dogs can assist you in grooming your dog. Amazingly, an undercoat rake features countless sharp teeth that can stretch beneath your dog’s base coat, stripping away loose hairs and separating matting.  If you want to groom your short-haired dog using an undercoat … Read more

How to Make My German Shepherd More Confident

How to Make My German Shepherd More Confident

If your German Shepherd Dog (GSD) suffers from low confidence, you need to provide a dose of confidence to promote a better social relationship with your lovely pooch. Just like humans, our furry friends can suffer from low self-esteem for many reasons. Fortunately, you can help your GSD overcome such shortcomings with confidence-building training techniques. … Read more

Inspiring German Shepherd Names In Movies

German Shepherd Names In Movies

Are you in love with your awesome dog pet? Then why not consider naming your best friend after a dog that has had a lead role in the Hollywood movie industry? Herein, we will give you inspiring German Shepherd names in movies and their roles in these award-winning movies. 1. Inspector Rex Inspector Rex is … Read more

Why Is There Blood in My Dog’s Eyes? Hyphema Vs. Retinal Hemorrhage

Why Is There Blood In My Dog's Eyes

If you notice your pup having difficulties seeing and difficulties maneuvering around, you should seek professional attention from a trusted vet ASAP. Retinal hemorrhage and hyphema in dogs are often associated with unexplainable bleeding in dogs’ eyes or other body parts. So, if you’re asking “why is there blood in my dog’s eyes, you’ve come … Read more

How Dog Grooming Services Help Maintain Good Dog Health – 7 Key Benefits

Dog Grooming Services

A typical dog grooming service covers several actions aimed at keeping your dog physically and hygienically clean. These routine dog grooming services range from bathing to brushing, drying, nail trimming, and combing out mats, among other things.  While many dog parents see this as nothing more than just a routine thing to do, there are actual … Read more

Questions You Need to Ask a Dog Boarder

Questions You Need to Ask a Dog Boarder

Whether it’s your first time boarding your dog or you consider yourself somewhat of an expert, performing due diligence can make all the difference in your dog’s experience away from home. You want your dog to be happy, healthy, and safe while she’s in the facility. Obviously, you deserve to find a location that treats … Read more