My Dog Ate Jalapeno: Should I Worry?

Dog Ate Jalapeno: What to Do?

Jalapenos are a type of pepper that contains capsaicin, giving jalapenos their spicy flavor. The pepper variety has an estimated 2500 SHU, making them quite spicy. As a pet owner, you want your pet to look healthy and cheerful all the time. And if your dog ate jalapeno, he may likely feel discomfort and appear … Read more

Are Dogs Allowed in Cemeteries?

Are Dogs Allowed in Cemeteries

If you own a dog, you have probably asked yourself, are dogs allowed in cemeteries? Well, the answer to this question depends on several factors. One such aspect is the policies of individual cemeteries. Rules and regulations adopted by some cemeteries allow pet owners to bring their canines while others don’t.  However, you need to … Read more

Coconut Oil For Dog Shedding

Coconut Oil For Dog Shedding

Many dog parents often use coconut oil for dog shedding, but is it just a myth, or does it really work? Coconut oil plays an immunological role in reducing excessive shedding in dogs. Thanks to its MCTs, coconut oil hydrate and moisturize your pup’s skin hence helping in reducing the shedding. The coconut oil can be utilized … Read more

Can Dogs Get Tonsil Stone?

Can Dogs Get Tonsil Stone?

We are all aware that humans get tonsils from time to time, but can dogs get tonsil stone? Dogs can get tonsil stones or tonsilitis, but time and again, treatment is unnecessary. So, when you take your dog for a checkup, don’t get surprised to hear that your dog has tonsil stones inside her throat’s … Read more

Are Pomeranians Good With Cats?

Are Pomeranians Good With Cats

If you are a cat person and a dog person at the same time, you might wonder: Are Pomeranians good with cats? Well, the simple answer is yes. Most people view the relationship between cats and dogs as one fraught by aggression. Notably, the relationship between Pomeranians and cats is unique because the breed is … Read more

15 German Shepherd Birthday Party Supplies

German Shepherd Birthday Party Supplies

Are you a German Shepherded puppy owner? If yes, you’ll want to spoil your furry friend with the right supplies during her birthday parties or other important events. Certain things are crucial for your pup’s happiness and wellbeing. Moreover, buying items like a leash, harness, and collar is necessary for your pup’s training and safety. … Read more

Border Collie Yorkie Mix: Personality, Care, and Physique

Border Collie Yorkie Mix

Border Collie Yorkie mix is a crossbreed between a Border Collie and a Yorkshire Terrier. Both varieties have distinct characteristics and personality, and their offspring has a blend of character traits. The Border Collie pure breed is arguably the most intelligent dog in existence. However, even though intelligence might seem like a good thing, not … Read more