Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate for separation anxiety

Coming home to an escaped dog crate or a damaged floor or carpet is undoubtedly frustrating. Similarly, if you like taking your dog on frequent trips, a dog crate should be among your first purchases. Dog crates are slowly becoming sacred places for most dogs because they spend a lot of time in them. If a basic crate cannot contain your dog, it is best to consider buying the best heavy duty dog crate for separation anxiety.

Heavy-duty dog crates are spacious enough to provide maximum comfort and strong enough to prevent a dog with separation anxiety from escaping or suffering potential external injuries. A good dog crate should also be welcoming or inviting enough for your pooch to jump right in. But in most cases, a major concern when buying a dog crate is the size.

That said, to help you wade through the wide array of products available on the market, our guide outlines some of the best heavy duty dog crates for anxious dogs alongside important things you should know about dog crates. Read on!

Who Needs a heavy duty Dog Crate?

Most dogs can sit quietly in a crate after some training. However, some may blankly refuse confinement while others have the knack of finding weak spots in a crate and escaping it. Large dogs with some force can easily chew their way out of wire crates or rip the cage into pieces. Simply put, if you have a smart or clever dog who can work his/her way out of the crate, either by unfastening the latch or ripping it into pieces, you simply need a heavy-duty dog kennel.

Powerful, unruly, and strong breeds such as the American pit bull terriers and bullmastiffs have enough power to overcome weak points of flimsy crates. Unfortunately, the majority of dog crates on the market are collapsible, implying that they lack solid corners. This makes them prone to exploitation by dogs determined to escape.

On the contrary, the best heavy duty dog crate is built with the dog escapist in mind. They are made to contain witty dogs who constantly find a way out of regular dog crates. If you have an adventurous dog, you should give strength and ruggedness the top priority when investing in dog accessories such as dog swimming pools as well as flea collars and leashes.

Quick Comparison

BrandProduct NameEditor's PickPriceRating
1 3Proselect Empire Dog CageBest Overall$$$4.7
2 3Luckup Heavy Duty Dog CrateBest Runner-Up$$4.1
3 3Stackable Open Top Heavy-Duty CageBest for Stackability$$$4.0
4 3Smith Built Heavy-Duty Kennel For DogsBest Budget$3.9
5 1 1 Homey Pet Stackable Strong Metal Dog CrateBest Non-toxic Design$$$4.0
*Ratings courtesy of Amazon at the time of publication and can change!

Top 10 Best Heavy Duty Dog Crates for separation anxiety

#1: Best Overall: Proselect Empire Dog Cage

If you are searching for a secure and safe dog crate, the Proselect Empire Dog Cage should be your crate of choice. The crate is indestructible and can protect your dog from any external danger. The majority of those who have used the cage consider is among the strongest in the market and perfect for dogs with great tendencies to escape their confines.

The Proselect Empire Dog Cage features a tough build that confines even the strongest and powerful dog breeds. The cages’ welding quality, locks, and hinges will certainly impress you. The construction features 20-gauge steel and 0.5-inch diameter tubing for the tubing inserts. The metal parts are coated to prevent rusting and enhance durability. As for the security, the cage is secured with two sliding latches that even the most determined dog cannot break.

Cleaning the Proselect Empire Dog Cage is easy due to the steel tray placed under the floor gate. You can simply pull the tray out, throw away any contents, and spray with hose water to clean it. The giveaway for its strong construction, however, is in its weight. The Proselect Empire Dog Cage weighs 76 pounds, which is quite weighty, especially if you want a portable crate.

What we like
  • Strong and sturdy
  • Two locking latches for extra security
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean
What we don’t like
  • Quite pricey

#2: Best Runners-Up: Luckup Heavy Duty Dog Crate

The Luckup Heavy Duty Dog Crate is one of the few dog crates made for small dogs with mild tempers. However, if your dog is quite big, aggressive, and more energetic, you might consider getting a dog crate much tougher and stronger than this. The crate features a steel frame construction that gives it the edge over most similar models.

However, the steel construction isn’t the main reason why the Luckup Heavy Duty Dog Crate is among the best heavy-duty dog crate. The crate offers more than strong metal bars. For instance, the majority of pet owners like the fact that it is easy to assemble and you can put it together in a few minutes. You only need four wheels and tighten eight screws to have the unit ready for your furry friend.

You will also like how easy it is to access the crate. The unit comes with three different doors that serve different functions. It has a large door that allows your pooch to enter and exit the cage. The second small door is for feeding the dog or simply petting them while the third door on top of the cage is for emergency situations, in case you need to get your pet out quickly for whatever reason.

The Luckup Heavy Duty Dog Crate also provides great freedom of mobility. This makes it incredibly easy to use from any pet owners’ perspective. For instance, the swiveling castor makes it simple to move around the house. It also has two catch trays that are easy to clean, which helps to keeps your floors clean.

What we like
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Double door design
  • Easy to clean
  • 3-year warranty
What we don’t like
  • Good only for small dogs

#3:Best for Stackability: Stackable Open Top Heavy-Duty Cage

The Stackable Open Top Heavy-Duty Cage is a useful dog crate for use at home or in big vehicles. Like other high-end heavy-duty cages, it features metal construction with anti-rusting finishing. With this, you shouldn’t be worried about leaving it out in your backyard even during rains. The cage has plenty of ventilation, and the bottom drainage ducts keep your dog cool and dry.

The majority of those who have used it liked the fact that this cage is easy to assemble. Apart from the impressive strong construction, assembling the unit takes only a few minutes. What’s more, it comes with heavy-duty locks that provide a satisfactory locking mechanism. The crate also has a plastic floor grid that provides better comfort to your four-legged friend. However, aggressive dogs may direct their brute force towards the grid.

To ease feeding, the Stackable Open Top Heavy-Duty Cage comes with an ABS plastic made tray that is lightweight and easy to clean. It also has a small feeding door that enables pet owners to feed the dog without risking escapes.

What we like
  • Comfortable plastic floor grid
  • Stackable feature
  • Non-toxic finish
  • Strong, sturdy build
What we don’t like
  • Very heavy thus not easily portable

#4: Best Budget: Smith Built Heavy-duty Kennel for Dogs

Smith Built is an industry leader and a popular manufacturer of strong metal dog crates. The brand is known for producing overly comfortable and secure dog crates, with the Smith Built Heavy Duty Dog Kennel being among these models. That said, if you are looking for a reasonably priced, sturdy, and heavy-duty dog crate, you should consider this kennel.

Unlike lesser-priced dog crates, this model comes with an extra-durable and multi-layered finish that is resistant to fading and corrosion. The unit features an attractive design with 360-degree visibility and optimal airflow. The use of high-quality and premium construction materials makes it among the top choices in its price category.

You will like the two-separate doors of the Smith Built Heavy Duty Dog Kennel. The top door enables owners to feed their dogs with ease and the front door that enables canines to access the crate. For unmatched security, the front door has double slide-bolt latches. The crate also features a removable metal pan made from long-lasting, quality material that is easy to wash and clean.

The Smith Built Heavy Duty Dog Kennel also provides maximum portability, thanks to its four rolling casters. Besides, the flooring piece doesn’t retain odors and stains, making it easy to keep the unit clean and healthy.

What we like
  • Affordably priced
  • Detachable and easy to clean pan
  • 360-degree visibility
  • Rolling casters provide portability
What we don’t like
  • Witty dogs can easily open the top door

#5: Best for non toxic design: Homey Pet Stackable Strong Metal Dog Crate

Dog crates, regardless of the size, can take a lot of space at your home. However, this might not be a problem for all pet parents except those who keep large breeds. The suitable size and heavy-duty construction make the Homey Pet Stackable Strong Metal Dog Crate a good choice for most pet parents.

The crate is made from steel bars, which makes it impossible to penetrate. For better durability, the steel bars are coated with a powdery finish that prevents your naughty dog from damaging their teeth and skin. Additionally, the crate has a good anti-rust ability making it suitable for outdoor use.

The Homey Pet Stackable Strong Metal Dog Crate features three doors, all for multiple purposes. The small upfront door is convenient for giving the pet water and even wet food. The top door, like in other models, is a quick escape route. The third door provides an easy entrance and exit route.

The entry/exit door features a double chain lock with a metal design that makes it impossible for your playful dog to escape. It also comes with a plastic floor grid that provides comfort for your pooch. The crate can also be moved around as it contains 360-degree rotating wheels.

5 1
What we like
  • Strong construction
  • Non-toxic finish
  • Easy to clean
  • Spacious
What we don’t like
  • Lock chains may break after some time
  • Not good for very aggressive dogs

#6: Best for Mobility: Parpet Empire Heavy-duty Crate for Dogs

The Parpet Empire Dog Crate is another dog crate built to test the performance and strength of your canine. For ultimate performance, the crate is constructed with 20-gauge durable steel and 0.5-inch wide strong metal bars. The bars have a high-quality powder coating finish that prevents the sharp edges from injuring your pet.

Extra-strength and assured safety are other wining points for this dog crate. Apart from the sturdy steel construction, the crate is welded at stress points for powerful protection and durability. This provides an assured restriction of your dog while you are out of the home. The front door has double latches made from heavy-duty steel that keeps your furry-friend within the cage.

You will also enjoy how easy it is to clean the kennel. The Parpet Empire Heavy Duty Dog Crate comes with a removable metal tray under the floor that can be easily removed using a D-ring handle. The crate also features 360-degree swivel casters with brakes for easy positioning and movement of the crate.

What we like
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Slide-out tray
  • 360-degree rotating wheels
  • Rust-resistant
What we don’t like
  • Quite expensive

#7: Best for Small Dogs: Smonter Heavy-Duty Dog Crate

The Smonter Heavy-Duty Dog Crate is another excellent dog crate built to keep your tough pooch in check. Just to mention, Smonter is one of the well-reputed brands with a lot of quality products in the market. What makes this model outstanding is the high-quality material construction that compares to high-end dog crates, though available at an affordable price. Purchasing this product is an assurance that you will get value for your money.

The crate is made from indestructible heavy-duty steel. This material is rust-resistant, and the anti-corrosion feature makes it more durable. The kennel can be accessed from the top and front sides. There is also a small door, which provides easy access for pet owners when feeding the dog.

The Smonter Heavy-Duty Dog Crate has a removable plastic tray at the bottom for easy cleaning. The floor is also grated to ensure that any waste or elimination directly drops into the waste tray. As for the locking mechanism, even the naughtiest dogs will have a hard time unlocking the double locking system. Note that the locking system is hard for the dogs but user-friendly to humans.

What we like
  • Quality construction
  • Affordable
  • Simple to assemble
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant
What we don’t like
  • The latch may need little modification

#8: Best for Portability: Sliverylake Dog Crate

Another favorite dog crate is the Sliverylake Dog Crate for many reasons. Obviously, the first reason why you should consider this dog crate is the heavy-duty steel construction. This makes the kennel exceptionally strong and durable. With such construction, even the toughest and most determined escapist will not find a way to burst out of the crate.

Assembling this crate is easy, especially with the guide of clear instructions provided by the manufacturer. One feature that distinguishes the best dog crates from average products is its level of cleanliness. As for the Sliverylake Dog Crate, like other quality products, it features a removable composite plastic tray at the bottom for quick and easy cleaning. You can also move the cage from one point to another, thanks to the included four wheels that enhance portability.

As mentioned, the crate features a heavy-duty steel construction that is both strong and durable. In most crates, the corners and joints are weak points that tough pooches can attach. However, for this model, the weak points are reinforced with strong welds. The construction is also made to resist biting and clawing.

Unlike most products listed here, the Sliverylake Dog Crate has only two doors. These include the top and front door that makes entry and exit straightforward. Locks for both doors are well made to resist breaching but easy for humans to operate.

What we like
  • Heavy-duty steel frame
  • Plastic tray for easy cleanup
  • Four wheels for convenient portability
  • Easy to assemble
What we don’t like
  • Not suitable for huge breeds

#9: Best for Travel: Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate

Any classic collapsible dog crate should be able to perform some things. First, it should be able to keep the dog secure when undergoing crate training. Second, it should provide your dog with a safe haven with the utmost comfort. Thirdly, the cage should be portable and easy to move with little effort. Fortunately, the Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate does all these.

The Midwest Homes for Pets Dog Crate typically creates a standard as to how folding metal crates should perform. The construction is in a way that it is easy to put together without necessitating tools. You should simply flip the sides and clip them together. The crate provides plenty of room for your dog and ventilation as well.

What we like
  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable design
  • Safe and secure
  • Collapsible design
What we don’t like
  • Two-door design

#10: Best Plastic Make: Petmate Sky Kennel

If you are looking for a dog crate for traveling, the Petmate Sky Kennel should be your kennel of choice. What makes it suitable for travel is the light plastic make that offers easy portability. However, note that the plastic construction doesn’t compromise its durability and comfort.

Though not suited for large breeds, the Petmate Sky Kennel can comfortably house small and medium-sized breeds for safe travels. It makes it suitable for those moving from one state to another, going for a vacation or simply to a new house.

The Petmate Sky Kennel comes with a ventilation system that supplies fresh air to your dog all through. It also features a secure locking that gives you peace of mind. The crate has sufficient space that allows your pet to move freely, either lying or standing. It can even accommodate your pet’s toys inside to help him fight boredom.

What we like
  • Secure and best for travel
  • Properly ventilated
  • Durable plastic make
  • Comfortable
What we don’t like
  • Not suitable for large breeds

What to Consider When Buying the Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate for anxious dogs

Regular dog crates are made for average pups. However, when it comes to buying a heavy-duty dog kennel, you should find one that is robust and escape-proof. That said, below are some essential factors to consider when looking for the best heavy-duty dog crate.


Heavy-duty crates are commonly termed as overbuilt. These crates are designed to keep your puppy safe and secure inside. Therefore, you will find that they have thicker bars and robust construction compared to regular dog crates. These kennels are built with bars rather than wire mesh. They have few places where the dog can take a firm grip or use sufficient force to inflict serious damage.

The general build of these crates is very sturdy. They contain steel bars that are strong enough to prevent even the toughest dog from bending or warping them. Joints, seams, and hinges are also robust to keep your furry friend safely inside.

Construction Styles

There are several types of heavy-duty kennels to choose from based on their construction. They include:

1-    Wire dog crates

Wire dog crates are arguably the most common and recognizable dog crates at home. They are available at veterinary offices, dog shows, and dog training camps. Most people love them as they provide a clear sight of the dog all the time. Wire kennels are best for traveling, probably because they are easy to transport and storing is very easy, especially if you find a collapsible model.

Another advantage of wire dog crates is that they provide maximum airflow. Proper ventilation makes your pooch comfortable, especially if you live in warm environments or have longhaired pups. Additionally, wire-made crates are easy to clean and maintain. This makes them a good choice if your pooch is still undergoing some crate training.

On the downside, wire dog crates can be heavy. It’s also a hassle getting them in and out of the car. The open construction design may also lead to increased anxiety of the dog as they can see activities that they yearn to partake of.

2-    Plastic dog crates

Plastic dog crates are considerably lighter than wire dog crates. This makes them more portable and best for traveling on a plane with your dog. The construction of plastic crates involves a hard plastic covering and a wired door at the entrance/exit. The sides have holes/slits that ensure proper ventilation.

Due to their construction, plastic crates are not ideal for warm weather. Similarly, they don’t provide better insulation during colder months. They provide limited visibility, so you may not see what your dog is up to in the crate. Overall, the suitability of this crate depends on your dog’s personality and behavior.

Plastic crates require frequent, thorough cleaning as they can trap odors. This becomes challenging if your puppy has a tendency of urinating inside the crate. Fortunately, most of these crates have a removable tray that you can use to place food inside the crate.

3-    Tent crates

If you are searching for an extremely lightweight crate, tent or soft-sided crates should be your choice. These crates feature a fabric construction decorated over metal frames. Whereas they are not a good choice for dog training, they are collapsible dog crates, making them easy to store.

4-    Metal dog crates

Metal dog crates are probably the best heavy-duty dog crates you will ever come across. They are overly durable and available in a wide variety of styles – they can be made from different materials, ranging from steel to aluminum. The majority of metallic extra-large dog crates provide great airflow and visibility. Metal crates can be either folding or fixed.

5-    Wooden and decorative dog crates

If aesthetics is among your priority concerns, you should consider getting decorative dog crates. These crates are made from various materials, ranging from plastic to metal. However, the majority of them are made from some type of wood. Their construction design is engineered to blend with furniture in your home to make it more welcoming to the pooch and your guests.

Due to its construction, decorative crates may not be a good choice for use when traveling. They should also not be a priority choice if all you need a heavy-duty dog crate to contain destructive pups. Regardless, they provide more comfort and are best for well-trained dogs who need their own space to feel at home.

6-    Locks

Regular dog crates have latches while heavy-duty dog crates have locks. Latches are surely good for average mutts, but smart dogs will quickly learn how to manipulate the latch and open the crate for an escape. Heavy-duty dog crates often feature sturdy locks and other special design features that make it hard for dogs to open them.

7-    Portability

Nearly all heavy-duty dog crates have wheels that ease mobility. These crates are comparably heavier than regular dog crates, and incorporating a set of wheels makes it easy for pet owners to move the crate around their homes, just like a bike cart for dogs. If you plan to use the crate for traveling, ensure that you purchase a dog crate with detachable wheels. Some heavy-duty crates also feature a collapsible design that makes it easy to store and transport.

8-    Ventilation

Even though heavy-duty crates should be solidly built, you should ensure that your dog can still breathe, especially when in transit. Good quality dog crates should provide enough ventilation to prevent your dog from breathing stale air. Adequate ventilation also prevents cases of overheating if you live in warm areas.

9-    Durability

The best heavy-duty dog crate should not be made from extra-tough and durable materials. In most cases, manufacturers use corrosion-resistant materials. This is important as you will have to wash and disinfect the crate frequently. Using tough materials prevents damages to the metal construction.

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate Brands

Some of the best manufacturers of heavy-duty dog crates include:

Mid-West Homes for Pets

Mid-West Homes prides itself in providing superior pet homes and pet products. The company claims to be the largest homebuilder for pets in the US, having started back in 1921. They are dedicated to building the healthiest, safest, appropriately sized, comfortable, and best-performing pet environments. Currently, Mid-West Homes offers a great line of standard dog crates, birdcages, modular habitat systems for small animals, pet enclosure furniture, and a wide array of pet beddings.

Homey Pet Station, LLC

Homey Pet Station, LLC is a South California company that provides various kinds of pet supplies, including crates and pet food at competitive prices and excellent quality. The products of the company include heavy-duty cages, cat cage, rabbit cage, wire folding cage, chinchilla cage, and parrot cage among others.

Smith Built Crates

Smith Built Crates is another great brand that promises to give pet owners peace of mind while getting your pet a place to call his own. The majority of products from Smith Built Crates are crafted with commercial-quality materials and superior manufacturing processes. This enables the company to provide a durable and safe space for your pet to reside in.

Best Heavy Duty Dog Crate FAQs

Do I need a heavy-duty dog crate?

This depends on your dog. Some dogs have fun interacting with owners at home while others are destructive or may injure themselves by jumping through windows. Therefore, if there is a need to avoid damage and prevent injuries that could develop into scabs on your dog’s skin, you definitely need a heavy-duty dog crate.

How can I stop my pooch from chewing through his crate?

If your dog is wise enough to chew through regular dog crates, the best option is to replace it with a stronger, heavy-duty crate. Confined wise dogs will easily find their way through fabric, wire, plastic, or wooden crates. Therefore, to ensure that the canine is confined, go for a crate with heavy-gauge steel bars.

Are heavy-duty dog crates good for big dogs?

A heavy-duty crate doesn’t directly imply that you should buy an extra-large dog crate. However, if you have big dog breeds, such as mastiff and Pitbull terrier, you may consider getting an XXL crate.

Can heavy-duty crates be used in travel or the car?

This is possible depending on various features of the crate. However, it is not prudent to carry your heavy-duty crate in your car. Most crates are generally too weighty to be lifted easily into the vehicle. That said, you should consider purchasing regular crates for use when transporting dogs in your vehicle.

Wrap Up

Heavy-duty dog crates are indestructible and best for dogs with separation anxiety and tendencies to escape. When searching for the right heavy duty dog crate for your anxious pup, you should ensure that they have robust construction, feature convenient, secure locks, and are relatively portable. If you will use the crate outdoors, ensure that it is made from steel products that are corrosion- and rust-proof. That aside, finding the best product comes down to the aggressiveness of your dog and his level of training. Not all heavy-duty crates work best for all pups.

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