Dog Ear Positions Meaning

Dog Ear Positions

Dogs are pretty smart animals, with scientific evidence indicating that these canine counterparts can understand up to 250 different words, interpret human emotions, and pull off various crafty tricks on you when trying to score a snack. Their intelligence aside, dogs can’t verbally tell you what’s on their mind, but they can sure communicate a … Read more

how to greet a dog for the first time wag

How to Greet a Strange Dog Politely

With approximately 90 million-plus dogs in the United States and the increasing number of dog-friendly workplaces, apartments, and activities, you are more likely to meet a dog out and about with their owners. It could be at the gym, in the office, a café, a park, or just up about on the streets. So, it’s … Read more

Why is My Dog’s Belly Turning Black Over Time?

Why is My Dog's Skin Turning Black

Dogs’ skin can have different pigmentations, ranging from pink to black, and different areas of the body can have different colors. Most cases of skin hyperpigmentation (Acanthosis Nigricans) in dogs are secondary to other skin conditions or metabolic issues such as skin infections, allergies, or endocrine disorders. The problem arises when areas of your dog’s … Read more

At What Age Should you Spay or Neuter a Dog

At What Age Should you Neuter/Spay a Dog

Traditionally, vets recommended neutering or spaying dogs at the age of 6 months. However, things have changed over the past decade, with many vets recommending early-age desexing (EAD) from the age of 8 weeks onwards. There is considerable scientific evidence to suggest that EAD is a safe and effective strategy for the wider pet owners’ … Read more