How Dog Grooming Services Help Maintain Good Dog Health – 7 Key Benefits

Dog Grooming Services

A typical dog grooming service covers several actions aimed at keeping your dog physically and hygienically clean. These routine dog grooming services range from bathing to brushing, drying, nail trimming, and combing out mats, among other things.  While many dog parents see this as nothing more than just a routine thing to do, there are actual … Read more

German Shepherd Games For Mind And Body

German Shepherd Games For Mind And Body

German shepherd games for mind and body are some of the most engaging ways of entertaining your dog. Playing with your German shepherds helps enhance their mental stimulation to encourage good behaviors and reduce boredom. German Shepherds are known to be intelligent dogs. So, you need to be creative in coming up with the right … Read more

Is It Bad To Shave Your Dog?

Is It Bad To Shave Your Dog?

Dogs are one of our most prized pets. They are loyal, loving and we have created a special bond with them. Having them in our homes gives us such comfort that we cannot imagine a life without them. To most of us, dogs are not just pets but also our companions, friends, and family members. … Read more

Chihuahua Eye Care: How to Clean Tear Stains

Chihuahua Eye

Epiphora or excessive tear production causes tear stains in dogs. Tear staining is most common in small dog breeds such as Toy Poodles, Chihuahuas, and Maltese, among others. While tear stains are not harmful to your dog, they may be indicative of some existing problems, including corneal ulcerations, stress, bacterial growth, a PH imbalance, poor diet, or … Read more

How To Clean German Shepherd Ears in 8 Simple Easy Steps

How To Clean German Shepherd Ears

German shepherds are large dog breeds that make loyal family pets and excellent watchdogs. They have large, erect ears, making them keen listeners while at the same time allowing more air circulation than floppy ears. Their ear canals also tend to stay relatively dryer, making them less prone to infections. However, it’s still important to clean your … Read more

How to Get Rid of Dog Warts Naturally in 2021

Most dog owners get traumatized when they notice little pink modules bud out of their puppy’s mouth. I must admit at this point that I once panicked when my adorable Bobby developed warts some years back. In this guide, we discuss some tips on how to get rid of dog warts naturally plus some vet-recommended … Read more

how to treat scabs on Your dog’s Skin

Scab On Dog Head

As a dog lover, you’ll want to treat your beloved family member with care and adoration. Even the tiniest of injuries like scabs on your dog’s skin or body can make you wince and sympathize with your furry friend. Your almost instantaneous reaction would be to research how to treat scabs on dogs to relieve … Read more

Can Dogs Have Tums for Upset Stomach

Can Dogs Have Tums for Upset Stomach

The question “Can dogs have tums for upset stomach?” always crops up in many online forums. The answer is yes; you can give your dog tums when they suffer from digestion issues, tummy aches, or diarrhea. It’s because tums provide your dog with temporary relief before you get to the bottom of the disease it has.  … Read more

What Is The Best Age To Get A Labrador Puppy?

Best Age To Buy A Puppy

Getting a new puppy is always an exciting experience. Any prospect of a new addition to your home usually brings so much joy. However, before the excitement kicks in, you should think about how ready you are to welcome the pup to your home and whether the puppy is ready to be isolated from the mother and … Read more