Can Dogs Drink Cold Water?

Can Dogs Have Ice Water On a Hot Day

With temperatures soaring high in summer, many dog parents often wonder if it’s healthy to provide ice cold water to cool down their four-legged companions. But can dogs drink cold water? Many animal experts believe that ice cold water is fairly safe for dogs. Although some pet owners claim that ice water triggers dangerous bloating … Read more

Can A Black Widow Kill A Dog: Symptoms and Treatments

Can a black widow kill a dog

Dogs are adorable companions who form part and parcel of our families. You will want to ensure that your pooch is healthy at all times and that anything that can cause sudden death is kept at bay. Unfortunately, spiders often inhabit homes, especially if you have dark, warm, and less-frequented areas in your home. But … Read more

My Dog Died Suddenly After Vomiting: Possible Causes

My Dog Died Suddenly After Vomiting: Possible Causes of Sudden Death in Dogs

Losing a fluffy companion is never palatable, no matter the circumstances. But losing your pooch suddenly to an accident or serious medical condition can be baffling, terrifying, and utterly shocking. “My dog died suddenly after vomiting” is a query that keeps cropping up many dog forums with most pet owners just wondering what could have … Read more

Symptoms of Internal Bleeding in Dogs

Symptoms of Internal Bleeding in Dogs

An open wound or scab are often easier to deal with because they’re visible and your vet can determine the right solution in a relatively straightforward manner. However, internal injuries can be difficult to address. Whether the internal bleeding is due to a car accident, fighting with other pets, sickness, or fall from a height, … Read more

Why is My Dog’s Belly Turning Black Over Time?

Why is My Dog's Skin Turning Black

Dogs’ skin can have different pigmentations, ranging from pink to black, and different areas of the body can have different colors. “Why is my dog’s belly turning black” is a question that many pup parents grapple with at some point in the lifespan of their furry friends. In a nutshell, skin hyperpigmentation (Acanthosis Nigricans) in … Read more

At What Age Should you Spay or Neuter a Dog

At What Age Should you Neuter/Spay a Dog

At what age should you spay or neuter a dog? Traditionally, vets recommended neutering or spaying dogs at the age of 6 months. However, things have changed over the past decade, with many vets recommending early-age desexing (EAD) from the age of 8 weeks onwards. There is considerable scientific evidence to suggest that EAD is … Read more

How to Clean your Dog’s Teeth Naturally

How to Clean your Dog’s Teeth Naturally

Dental health in dogs is as crucial as in humans. As a responsible dog owner, you need to find natural ways of keeping your pooch’s teeth clean to avoid bad breath, discolored teeth, discomfort, periodontal disease, tartar, and plagues. Professional teeth cleaning by a vet can be quite expensive and could have some negative side … Read more

best shampoo for dogs with flea allergies

Best Flea Shampoo for Dogs

There are many effective methods of eliminating fleas, larvae, and flea eggs on your dog and his bedding. However, thorough bathing is the easiest and most practical method to get rid of fleas. Using regular shampoos when bathing your dog may not effectively eliminate all these stubborn parasites, but using the best shampoo for dogs … Read more

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry for Dogs

Sedation Dentistry for Dogs

The issue of sedation dentistry for dogs has created heated debates over the last couple of years with some pet owners questioning the safety of anesthesia for dental procedures on pets. However, top vets across the globe have affirmed that the risks associated with anesthesia are far less than the risk of systemic effects of … Read more