proper training for first time dog owners

Expert Training Tips for New Puppy Owners

Bringing home a new puppy is always an exciting moment for any first-time dog owner. However, the first 48 hours with a new puppy can be both overwhelming and confusing for first-time dog owners. It’s the time when most people begin to ask, “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” The first few days with a … Read more

How to Get a Dog to Stop Whining in the Crate

How to Get a Dog to Stop Whining in the Crate

Crating dogs helps in house training since they will rarely soil where they sleep. Dogs are naturally den creatures, so staying in a crate for several hours just answers to their natural instinct. The main problem with crating is when your dog, especially young puppies, starts whining for hours to be let out. We’ve researched … Read more

Why Do Dogs Walk in Circle Before Lying Down?

Why Do Dogs Circle Before Lying Down?

Dogs, unlike humans, don’t just jump onto a bed when they feel tired. If you’ve ever been keenly observing your dog when lying down, you’ve most likely noticed that he circles the area first. Whether the dog is indoors or outdoors, he will still circle the area twice, thrice, or even more times before lying … Read more

How to Tell If Your Dog Loves You the most

How to Tell If Your Dog Loves You

Dogs are man’s (and woman’s) best friends. If you’re an ardent dog owner, you’ll agree that these fiercely loyal and extremely intelligent creatures can make adorable companions. But how can you tell if your dog loves you the most and not just faking the excitement to have a bite of your delicacies? Dogs express their … Read more

How to Crate Train an Adult Dog

How to Crate Train an Adult Dog

Are you wondering whether it’s possible to crate train adult dogs? Well, it is. Whether they were rescued in their adulthood or they were just not trained when young, it’s never too late to crate train an adult dog. However, crate training a mature dog takes longer than crate training small pups. Lack of training … Read more