50+ Badass German Shepherd Dog Names for Males and Females

Naming your German shepherd is one daunting task, especially for first-time dog owners. You are in a tight place between picking the best name for him and the lurking fear of whether or not he will accept the title. Usually, the biggest challenge is choosing badass German shepherd dog names appropriate for your dog. In as much as naming is a special moment for you and the dog, it is also a moment to bond more with your canine friend.

Historically, German shepherd (GS) dogs were farm dogs used to control sheep and cattle. However, due to their loyalty and ease of training, people adopted them as family dogs. They are gently fierce, full of energy, and loyal canines. The discipline and trainability have seen them being adopted as army dogs and tracking hounds for the police.

Choosing a Badass Name for Your GS Dog

A dog name should be likable and creative. It should also be lovable to the rest of the household. Avoid common names, like Tiger, and names that are too human, like Joy. When choosing a name, it’s best to take into account the following:

  • Chose a name that ends with a vowel: Such names are easy to pronounce and for the dog to head. Dogs respond to high frequency ranges better than humans do, so a vowel ending name will keep your dog alert for sure.
  • Short names are the best: If you struggle to pronounce a name, simply strike it out. Long names are okay, but they become so bulky when saying them that you end up shortening them. Shout the name you choose over and over and see how you like it. The best approach will be selecting a name with two syllables like Reggie. 
  • Avoid negative names: By all means, don’t name your German shepherd growler crawl. These names evoke fear making the dog seem violent when in essence, it’s only the name that is trashy.
  • Choose a name that matches your dog’s personality: Don’t select a name that is similar to another pet in your household. Similar names or homophonic names are not the best ideas as they will confuse your cat Spot and your dog Scot.

Lastly, the pet name shouldn’t sound familiar with the dog’s commands, i.e., sit, stay, no, come, etc. This will confuse the canine, and he will be second-guessing what he is supposed to do such commands.

Amazing Badass German Shepherd Dog Names for Males

Here’s a selection of dog names for your male German shepherd that will give you chills:

  1. Titan means “huge and powerful,” and it is the name of Saturn’s biggest moon.
  2. Yoda, the Greatest Warrior. Someone who isn’t scared to try new things and never gives up. It is an old name derived from Sanskrit.
  3. Rambo- an American moniker made famous by Sylvester Stallone’s role in the film Rambo.
  4. Napoleon was the Emperor of France. He was a cunning, ambitious, and talented military strategist.
  5. Hercules-Yes, everyone is familiar with Zeus’ son. The monster-fighting demigod used his strength and might to conquer foes.
  6. Flash– refers to agility and speed. It may be ideal if you enjoy The Flash Series and are a lover of superhero films.
  7. Hunter– Simply put, someone who hunts.
  8. Rocco is an Italian name with some German roots that means “roar” or “war cry.”
  9. Hammer– the name is appropriate for strong German shepherd dogs.
  10. Ashoka- This name is derived from Great Ashoka (meaning “without sorrow”), a 3rd century Indian Emperor.
  11. Axel’s ancestors are from Germany, France, and Scandinavia.
  12. Akbar– a stalwart commander and Moghul Indian Emperor.
  13. Blade means Glory.
  14. Ranger is an old French name that means “guardian.” Because a German shepherd is a guard dog, this name is appropriate.
  15. King– is derived from an Old English term that meaning tribe leader.
  16. NeoBruce
  17. Angus
  18. Diesel
  19. Zeus
  20. Max
  21. Buster
  22. Gatling
  23. Thor
  24. Spike
  25. Athena
GS dog exploring with the owner
GS dog exploring with the owner

Amazing Badass German Shepherd Dog Names for Females

Here are some badass female German shepherd names:

  1. Blair is a unisex name.
  2. Amazon—the World’s Largest Forest.
  3. Artemis was a moon and hunting Greek goddess.
  4. Ariadne—Ariadne was the daughter of King Minos in Greek mythology. It translates to “Most Holy.”
  5. Astro-Greek origin name that means “Stars”
  6. Boston, Massachusetts, is a city in the United States.
  7. Bentley means “clearance covered with bentgrass.” It’s also the name of a well-known automobile.
  8. Beretta is the brand name of a gun. It has an Italian name since its maker was Italian.
  9. Attila– Hun leader who conquered and destroyed Europe. It means “little father.”
  10. Cersei Lannister is the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms (Game of Thrones).
  11. Daenerys, meaning “God is the judge of my downfall.” Daenerys Targaryen is the queen of the Seven Kingdoms in Game of Thrones.
  12. Elektra is a Greek name that means “Amber.”
  13. Diva is a Celtic and Indian given name that translates as “Divine One.”
  14. Huntress-Feminine for Hunter
  15. Sassy
  16. Lola
  17. Rossi
  18. Roxy
  19. Xena
  20. Ruby
  21. Aiden
  22. Harlow
  23. Ida
  24. Raven
  25. Yoshi
  26. Rani
  27. Luna

Let Your German Shepherd Pick His Name

You can decide to let the dog pick his name, but since he cannot talk, you help him out. Write down the names you prefer, like five different cards, and send him to pick one. Then call him to see how he responds to it. Using the name frequently trains your German shepherd to recognize it. You can also pin the names in the trees on your back yard, and the tree that he urinates on is the chosen name.

Another way is using your family and friends; write down about five names and give each of the participants to choose one. Then call the dog by the names unanimously chosen and gauge his response.

Final Thoughts

In your dog naming process, it’s important to note that not every name suits your canine. Your German shepherd should possess an identity that is both cool and uncommon to let him stand out. In addition, it should be short and easy to pronounce. Make sure that the dog responds to the name before you make it his official name!

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