Best Wet Dog Food for allergies

Are you searching for the best canned food brands for a dog with sensitive stomach? Choosing the best wet dog food for allergies can be an overwhelming decision for many pet owners. The myriad of brands to choose from and the uncertainty about the specific flavor your dog will enjoy make the selection even more difficult.

Despite being expensive, wet dog foods are an excellent source of canine nutrition. They are rich in moisture and are fortified with all the necessary nutrients to support your pooch’s overall health and wellness.

Wet dog foods are best for growing and senior dogs with gum, teeth, or jaw issues. However, you should ensure that you find a flavor that your pet loves. To find the best product, you should consider the ingredient content, flavors available, and suitability to your dog’s life stage, among other factors.

And if your dog has a sensitive stomach, you should opt for hypoallergenic dog foods to prevent allergic reactions. Outlined in this review are some of the best wet dog food brands for sensitive stomachs.

Who Needs Wet Dog Food for allergies?

Anybody who owns a dog with sensitive stomach should consider including canned dog foods for allergies in their diet. Wet dog foods such as pouches, trays, and cans provide an excellent alternative way to hydrate your dog. This is especially important if your dog doesn’t like taking many liquids as they should. Besides, due to the water content, your dog will eat huge amounts of wet food, providing more calories. This will leave them more satisfied than when fed on dry kibbles only.

Moreover, you can easily mix canned foods with dry foods as toppers. There is a plethora of wet dog food brands to choose from, meaning that you can’t lack something that suits your dog. Some brands provide a perfect blend of nutrients that suit growing puppies while others support senior/adult dogs. Fussy pooches or those gradually losing their sense of smell prefer canned foods as they have an enticing smell and flavor compared to dry food.

Quick Comparison

BrandProduct NameEditor's PickPriceRating
1111 Nutro Adult High Protein Wet Dog FoodBest Overall$$4.6
222Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition Puppy Loaf In SauceBest Runner-Up$$$4.5
333Merrick Lil Plates Wet Dog FoodBest for Adults and Puppies$4.5
444 Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Dog FoodBest for Daily Dog Nutrition$$4.3
555Taste Of The Wild Grain Free Premium Wet Dog FoodBest for All-natural Ingredients$4.3
*Ratings courtesy of Amazon at the time of publication and can change!

Top 10 Best Wet Dog Food for allergies

#1: Best Overall: Nutro Adult High Protein Wet Dog Food

The Nutro Adult High Protein Wet Dog Food is among the best wet dog foods made from organic ingredients, including real chicken, oats, and brown rice. Like other high-quality dog foods, it contains no unnatural chemicals, preservatives, flavors, and colors. The food is a huge source of proteins, zinc, fat, and linoleic acid that enhances your dog’s proper growth and improvement alongside providing a gleaming skin coat.

One pack of the Nutro Adult High Protein Wet Dog Food contains up to 25 plates, with each plate having 3.5 ounces of palatable wet dog food. Alternative packages of the food have 12 jars of wet dog food with each jar having 12.5 ounces. This explains why this food is specifically formulated for grown puppies.

If you have used this dog food for quite some time, you will experience minimal problems feeding your dogs. Besides, it has a sweet smell that is not only great for dogs but also for humans. Most dogs prefer this food selection due to the organic ingredient content. It contains essential supplements that keep your dog healthy and strong.

What we like
  • Has organic food elements
  • Best source of proteins
  • No added preservatives, colors, and flavors
  • Best for optimal growth
What we don’t like
  • Only good for adult dogs

#2: Best Runners-Up: Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition Puppy Loaf in Sauce

Royal Canin is among the best dog food brands that provide three basic methods for healthy dog nutrition. The Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition Puppy Loaf in Sauce provides enough energy to reinforce your dog’s proper growth and healthy development. It also has natural ingredients, including minerals, vitamins, proteins, and other essential contents that promote your dog’s immune system.

The pet food comes in various tasty flavors with properly balanced nutrients that sustain mobility and muscle mass growth. The high-quality ingredients help in promoting the dog’s well-fitted body weight and healthy organ functioning. The flavors are also comprehensive and sustainable, providing a delicate and easy to bite and digest food. Some of those who have used this wet dog food also liked its tenderness on the stomach, making it one of the best dog foods for sensitive skin.

Like other wet dog foods, preparing the Royal Canin Canine Health Nutrition Puppy Loaf in Sauce is quite easy. You simply pour the food into a sustaining dish and mix it with hot water. You can as well opt for the readymade pack that doesn’t require any preparation – this pack is good for busy dog owners.

Since most dogs love the taste of the food, they will tend to eat more. Therefore, you should be cautious of unnecessary weight gain.

royal canin
What we like
  • Promotes puppy growth and progress
  • Natural ingredient content
  • Provides all-around nutrition
  • Absorbable proteins enhance general healthy body fitness
What we don’t like
  • May result in weight gain

#3: Best for Adults and Puppies: Merrick Lil Plates Wet Dog Food

Merrick is a popular dog food manufacturer that produces a wide range of quality pet foods. The Merrick Lil Plates Wet Dog Food contains a mixture of incredibly beneficial ingredients that help your dog grow and develop in a healthy way. The major ingredient in all wet dog foods is beef. The beef included in this dog food contains all the ten essential amino acids that sustain a dog’s life. Other essential ingredient contents of this dog food include:

  • Beef and chicken broth – broths provide modest nutritional value. They also add flavor and moisture to the dog food.
  • Beef liver – it is an organ meat sourced from any named animal in the ingredient list.
  • Peas – the peas in the Merrick Lil Plates Wet Dog Food is a quality source of carbohydrates. Like other legumes, peas is rich in natural fiber. It also contains a small percentage of proteins.
  • Dried egg product – these are dehydrated forms of shell-free eggs. They are easy to digest and have exceptional biological value.
  • Sweet potato – this is a common wet dog food ingredient that provides gluten-free carbohydrates. Sweet potatoes are also naturally rich in fiber.
  • Carrots – carrots are rich in minerals, beta-carotene, and dietary fiber.

Based on the ingredient content, the Merrick Lil Plates Wet Dog Food is above-average wet dog food. It is also grain-free, making it the best grain-free dog food for skin allergies.

merric lil
What we like
  • Best for adults and puppies
  • High-quality ingredient content
  • Grain and gluten-free dog food
  • No additives or artificial ingredients
What we don’t like
  • Slightly expensive

#4: Best for Daily Dog Nutrition: Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Dog Food

The Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Dog Food is another excellent wet dog food that is specially formulated to provide complete and balanced nutrition for your dog. As you may know, Wellness Complete is a well-known dog food brand that raises the bar when it comes to pet foods. They produce the best wet dog foods from all-natural ingredients and high-quality standards for delicious recipes.

This formulation is made from premium meats, wholesome grains, vegetables, and fresh fruits that provide a perfect balance of energy, vitamins, proteins, minerals, and powerful antioxidants. Like other products from the company, the Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Dog Food follows the wellness way, which is a process from the company that aims to provide uncompromising nutrition through unrivaled quality standards for full pet wellness.

The Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Dog Food is best for dogs above one year. If you are not sure of its effectiveness, this wet dog food is backed by the Wellness guarantee. Each of the ingredients is carefully chosen to help in achieving the five signs of pooch wellness, which are skin and coat, teeth and gums, energy, digestive health, and immunity.

wellness complete
What we like
  • Best for daily dog nutrition
  • Helps achieve all signs of wellness
  • Wellness guarantee
  • Good for dogs of all stages
  • No artificial additives
What we don’t like
  • Quite pricey

#5: Best for All-natural Ingredients: Taste of the Wild Grain Free Premium Wet Dog Food

The Taste of the Wild Grain Free Premium Wet Dog Food comes with a winning formula for canned stew dog foods. The ingredient content features an above-average amount of proteins with generous portions of meat, a good quantity of essential vitamins, and other nutrients. The fat content is less to ensure that your canines get all-rounded food without gaining excess weight.

This dog food contains five protein-rich options in its ingredients. They include venison and bison, roasted duck, wild boar, lamb, and salmon. These large chunks of meat provide the much-needed proteins for your dogs to develop proper lean muscles. The average protein content is 46 percent, with only 22 percent fat levels.

To complete the diet, every can of the Taste of the Wild Grain Free Premium Wet Dog Food contains approximately 5.6 percent of fiber. Prebiotic fiber in this food is from blueberries, raspberries, and sweet potatoes. The presence of fiber makes the food highly digestible and eliminates potential risks of stomach problems. This makes it a good dog food for dogs with sensitive stomachs.

Another reason why most pet owners prefer the Taste of the Wild Grain Free Premium Wet Dog Food is due to its all-natural ingredient content. The dog food doesn’t contain artificial flavors, additives, colors, preservatives, wheat, corn, grain, or fillers.

taste of wild
What we like
  • All-natural ingredients and probiotics
  • Rich in protein
  • No additives
  • Highly digestible
What we don’t like
  • Quite expensive

#6: Nutro Ultra Wet Dog Food

The Nutro Ultra Wet Dog Food is another great product from a reputable company that comes in various styles and designs. There are specifically designed packages for puppies, small breeds, large breeds, and adults. Each of these packages contains super dog food with three types of Lenten protein sources, such as sheep and salmon. This blend is enhanced with grains, fish, vegetables, and oils to make a well-proportionate food blend.

This formulation is another best-limited ingredient dog food that provides a wide array of benefits to your pooch. To begin with, you can be certain that your dog will develop strong muscles due to the three lean animal proteins included. The proteins are from farm-raised chicken, lamb, and salmon, thus providing unique complementary amino acids that work collaboratively to promote strong and lean muscles.

A strong immune system is another benefit of feeding your dog with the Nutro Ultra Wet Dog Food. The ingredient blend contains powerful antioxidants extracted from pomegranate, cranberries, spinach, carrots, vine-ripened tomatoes, and sun-ripened blueberries. These compounds work in synergy to develop and support a strong immune system.

Lastly, this wet dog food has cognitive development benefits. Nutrient-rich ingredients such as the salmon and eggs contain high amounts of DHA, which has significant associations with promoting cognitive developments and healthy brain functioning. With this, your dog will easily learn to sit, play, and stay.

nutro ultra
What we like
  • Available in various styles
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Organic ingredients
  • Cognitive benefits
What we don’t like
  • Some dogs may not immediately like the taste

#7: Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Wet Dog Food

Wellness Core is among the well-established pet products company with many high-quality wet dog foods. The Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Wet Dog Food is a complete grain and gluten-free dog food for puppies featuring several ingredients, including chicken, turkey, herring, botanicals, and greens to help support both the inner wellness and external health of your dog.

The dog food is also fortified with essential vitamins and minerals such as flax omega and fish that provide healthy skin and coat. It also contains DHA that boosts brain and eye development. This canned food can be served as a complete/balanced meal or as an addition to provide extra proteins.

Most of those who have used this best grain-free dog food for skin allergies attest that it is a protein powerhouse. The blend contains more than 80 percent more meat than other traditional dog foods. Noting that it is a grain-free food, it supports raw feeding philosophy with its high level of meat. This is directly associated with increased lean muscle mass and the ability to burn excess calories and fats.

The Wellness Core Natural Grain Free Wet Dog Food contains live active probiotics and natural fiber that promote a healthy gastrointestinal tract and a better overall digestive system. The ingredient blend also contains minerals, essential fatty acids such as omega 3 and 6, and vitamins that promote healthy cellular activity. The small carbohydrate ingredient content provides just enough daily energy for the dog.

wellness core
What we like
  • Grain-free dog food
  • Complete balanced diet
  • All-natural ingredients thus healthy
  • Available in various flavors
  • No artificial additives
What we don’t like
  • Quite pricey

#8: Natural Balance Ultra-Premium Wet Dog Food

The Natural Balance Ultra-Premium Wet Dog Food is high-quality dog food for pet owners looking for excellent wet food for their canines. Just like humans, dogs enjoy the taste of beef, lamb, liver, or chicken. This is what this wet food provides, alongside a healthy complement of potatoes, brown rice, and carrots.

Unlike the Taste of the Wild wet dog food, the Natural Balance Ultra-Premium Wet Dog Food contains a comparatively moderate amount of meat, estimated at 36 percent protein. Fat and carbohydrate levels are close to the industry standard, both at 23 and 33 percent, respectively. Options with lamb meals have meat concentrates delivering approximately 300 times more protein than fresh lamb.

The inclusion of fresh vegetables into this wet dog food provides your dog with sufficient energy. The food also contains easily digestible carbohydrates with omega 6 and omega 3 fatty acids. This promotes the development of healthy and shiny lush alongside preventing diarrhea.

natural balance
What we like
  • Promotes healthy digestion
  • High-quality ingredients
  • No artificial ingredients
What we don’t like
  • Some cans are delivered with dents

#9: Purina Beneful Prepared Wet Dog Food

The Purina Beneful Prepared Wet Dog Food is excellent wet dog food for small breeds. If you feel your dog is tired of eating the same food every other time, you should consider including this formulation in your feeding recipe. Each of the six-packs of Purina dog food contains three different meaty options, from either lamb, beef, or chicken.

The food not only contains meat but also has real vegetables and grains that boost the nutritional profile of every food serving. Among them include sweet potatoes, corn, and peas, among other ingredients that provide sufficient vitamins and minerals. This ensures that your dog lives a healthy and nutritionally sound lifestyle.

The Purina Beneful Prepared Wet Dog Food registers a protein content of 46 percent, probably among the highest compared to other dog foods. Note that this comes from meat by-products, which are the remains of slaughterhouse animals and other unnamed meat sources.

purina beneful
What we like
  • High protein content
  • Affordable
  • High minerals and vitamins
What we don’t like
  • Has unnamed protein sources

#10: Hill’s Science Wet Dog Food

Hill’s Science is a product of hundreds of veterinarians, technicians, food scientists, and technicians. Their contribution gave birth to a precise combination of tailor-made formulation that suits dogs up to 6 months of age. The Hill’s Science Wet Dog Food recipe includes high-quality proteins such as beef and chicken for muscle mass growth and complex carbohydrates.

Though not on the higher spectrum, the Hill’s Science Wet Dog Food features approximately 30 percent protein content. However, the included protein formulation contains all the essential amino acids that dogs require for healthy growth and development. This wet dog food is a good source of carbohydrates, with approximately 48 percent proportion.

Dogs also get a fair share of vegetables from this wet dog food. It contains a mix of vegetables such as carrots, potatoes, spinach, and beet pulp. Health purists may raise issues about the presence of iron oxide and caramel in the formulation as coloring agents. Manufacturer’s also included soybean oil, which has been associated with possible allergies in dogs. As a result, this product may not be the best dog food for sensitive skin dogs.

hills science
What we like
  • Best for mixing with dry food
  • Affordable
  • Easily digestible ingredients
What we don’t like
  • Presence of artificial coloring

Best Wet Dog Food for allergies Buying Guide

To find the best dog food for labs, you should ensure that the food contains healthy elements. Commercial dog foods are sometimes not made with proper ingredients. Nonetheless, you can find a wet pooch food with balanced nutrients and minimal artificial additives. Consider the following factors when shopping for the best wet dog food.

Key Ingredients

When shopping for the best dog food for labs, ensure that your canine food of choice has the following ingredients:

  • Proteins – this is the chief ingredient that all dog foods should contain. Manufacturers should name the source of protein, which could be from lamb, chicken, beef, turkey, etc.
  • Grains – manufacturers should include whole and unprocessed grains in the dog food. Carbohydrates and grains are not vital ingredients, but provide a lot of benefits to pets. Wild rice or brown rice are the best grain types.
  • Vegetables – sweet potatoes and Irish potatoes are commonly used vegetables. However, some premium dog food contains non-starchy vegetables such as alfalfa, apples, and carrots.

Although there is no single dog food that is perfect for all dogs, choosing one with quality ingredients provides more value to your dog. Avoid anything with commercial spices or additives.

Nutritional Value

The best way to check the nutritional value of dog food is by looking up on the AAFCO website. The institution crosschecks the nutrient profiles of all dog foods and conducts tests to determine the nutrient value of the food. The organization then scores it as complete or balanced.

Dog’s Life Stage

Dogs have varying nutritional needs based on the life stage and age. For instance, puppies require a complete, balanced diet. The diet should include abundant proteins, minerals, vitamins, and water to provide sufficient energy and awareness to grow healthy.

Senior dogs, on the other hand, require lean meat to maintain their muscle mass. They also require additional fiber levels and few calories for proper digestion. If you are not sure, go for wet dog foods that suit dogs of all life stages.

Dog Breed

The breed of your dog has a direct influence on the food choices you will make. Each canine has varying health and nutritional issues. Labrador retrievers, for example, are prone to being overweight, Dalmatians frequently get urinary stones, while miniature schnauzers experience high cholesterol levels. That said, you should find breed-specific diets with ingredient contents that favor your canine.

The Price

Wet dog foods, as mentioned earlier, are quite expensive than dry dog foods. Even though some manufacturers provide re-sealable containers, wet dog foods may not stay open for long after opening. However, wet dog food is a superior choice that suits the majority of dogs of all ages and dietary needs. Canned foods do not have preservatives and additives that make them the best choice for dogs with various sensitivities. Wet foods also have low carbohydrate levels, high water content, and few artificial ingredients.

Ingredients to Avoid in Wet Dog Food

Some of the things to be on the lookout for include:

  • By-products – you should be cautious of canned dog foods that list meat by-products among their main ingredients. They may refer to the meat as “modified meat” and other related terms.
  • Wet dog food with some non-specific animal protein sources – if the dog food lists unclear organs as part of their ingredient content, avoid them by all means. For instance, if you find ingredients such as heart, liver, or tripe listed without mention that they are from a specific animal, you should avoid it.
  • Food binders – wet dog foods with overly processed meat sources probably contain food binders that keep the meat together and appear like natural chunks. In such cases, avoid foods with wheat, gums, gluten, and carrageenan. You should also avoid foods with sugar, sweeteners, excess preservatives, and artificial coloring.

Benefits of Wet Dog Food

The key benefits of feeding your dog with canned dog foods include:

  • Contain a high percentage of proteins and fats
  • Increased moisture content improves the general health of your dog’s kidneys
  • They are easily digestible
  • Contain few amounts of carbohydrates and grain than dry kibble
  • Contain little or no fillers, additional additives, and preservatives
dog 2210717 960 720

The Best Wet Dog Food Brands

Some of the best manufacturers of wet dog food include:

Hill’s Science

Hill’s Science is one of the established and well-reputed manufacturers of various pet products. The company believes that nutrition has significant power to transform your pet’s life. The company manufactures properly balanced dog foods based on extensive research and innovation. Guided by evidence-based research, the company formulates dog foods with a precise balance of various nutrients that meet the specific needs of pets at different life stages, sizes, and special needs.

Natural Balance

Natural Balance claims to be the pioneers of the best limited ingredient dog food. The company purposely craft recipes that reduce the number of ingredients included in the food mixture without sacrificing the taste of the dog food. Common ingredients used by Natural Balance in their formulation include sweet potatoes, flaxseeds, menhaden and salmon oils, salmon, duck, lamb, venison, oats, brown rice, and green piece among many others.

Purina ALPO

Purina ALPO is another good company that believes that pet food is more than a mix of ingredients. As for them, quality sourcing translates to quality food. As such, they trace every ingredient used in the manufacture of pet food to ensure that they come from trusted sources. This not only ensures that your dog eats safe pet food but also food with the right ingredient content. Besides responsibly sourcing ingredients, pet foods from Purina ALPO are expertly prepared and nutritionally essential.

Merrick Classic

Merrick Classic is another company that promises pet food full of healthy grains. The company does not only provide pet food rich in balanced nutrition but also unbeatable taste. The company treats your dog to easily digestible recipes with a proper balance of protein, vegetables, fruits, and healthy combinations of whole grains that support optimal digestion. Wet dog food from Merrick Classic suits puppies, small dog breeds, and adult dogs.

Wellness Complete Health

Wellness Complete Health is another popular company that promises completely healthy recipes that combine natural and premium proteins to deliver a well-balanced diet for your dog’s optimal nutritional needs. Apart from beneficial ingredients, the company’s recipes include antioxidants that boost the immune system of your pet.

Best Wet Dog Food FAQ

Should I feed the dog with dry or wet dog food?

Wet food is a nutritious option for dogs of all ages. The canning phase requires minimal processing, so your pooch will likely get tasty natural ingredients. The best wet dog food ensures that your pooch is adequately hydrated as well. Wet dog food suits dogs with chewing and jaw issues. Old dogs are also more attracted to wet food as they have rich scent and flavor that intrigues their deteriorating sense of smell.

Can dry and wet dog food be mixed?

Yes. It is okay to mix dry and wet dog foods. Combining the two enables your dog to enjoy the best of both worlds. Dry food provides hygienic benefits for their teeth, while wet food brings forth excellent water and nutrition.

Is it okay to freeze wet dog food in a freezer?

You can freeze wet dog food if you think your dog cannot finish the opened food within a specific period. Before doing this, check if you can split the food into various serving portions and freeze separately or in the container.

How long can you keep the canned food out?

After opening the wet dog food, most manufacturers suggest that you can keep it stored in your refrigerator for seven days. After feeding your dog, ensure that you replace any remaining portion in the refrigerator immediately. Some dogs hate eating cold food, and you might have to wait to get back to room temperature before feeding.

Is wet dog food better than dry dog food?

One major advantage of wet dog food is that it contains huge amounts of water compared to dry dog food. This helps in keeping the dog hydrated, and they will also eat more food, keeping them satisfied.

Wrap Up

Wet dog foods are complete, balanced, and high-quality dog foods. They are appetizing and yummier than dry dog kibbles. Although manufacturers of dry dog food try to make them more appealing and appetizing by adding a coat of alluring gravy and flavors, the taste cannot be compared with the delicious aroma from unfastened wet dog foods. The best wet dog food should contain high amounts of protein, low amounts of carbs, and high moisture content. Generally, mixing both dry and wet dog foods is a better and preferable tasty option.

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