How to Start a Dog Grooming Business

With the pet industry growing year over year, entrepreneurial opportunities in the dog grooming niche continue to soar. But what practical steps must you take to start a dog grooming business and set it up for success?

Where can you source high-quality dog grooming accessories, and how much should you charge for your services? Where should you promote them? What should you focus on first?

There are many factors to consider, and starting a business can be overwhelming. In this short guide, you’ll learn step-by-step what to do to open your dog-grooming business the right way.

Step 1: Planning

Business plan

When starting any type of business, the first phase is always planning. Writing a business plan is beneficial in two key ways.

  • A business plan organizes your ideas and helps you develop and strategize toward your long-term business goals.
  • A business plan is necessary if you are seeking funding for your business. Whether you pitch to private investors or institutions, a well-written business plan document is the first thing they want to see.

Operating concept

The logistics of operating a dog grooming business require careful planning. The two key factors to consider here are

  • Where to locate your facility
  • And how to deliver services.

For instance, you could rent a retail location and ask your clients to bring their pets to you. Or you could rent or purchase a work van and literally deliver your services. You should also consider whether you plan to run your business solo or with a team.

Grooming a puppy
Grooming a puppy

Step 2: Preparation


You must establish an official business entity before you service any clients. Incorporating as an LLC protects against liabilities that might otherwise ruin your business and establishes your eligibility for business credit.

You should also research and apply for any state-level licenses and permits you may be required to obtain. Check with your state and county for further information. And finally, business insurance is required by federal law for any business with employees.

Materials and education

Do your due diligence when considering which tools and supplies to purchase. Opt for quality over savings when choosing your dog grooming accessories. It will save you money and issues down the road.

You may or may not already have dog grooming skills, but even if you do, it will benefit you professionally to seek further training and earn certificates. This can help establish your trustworthiness and credibility as a business. 

Step 3: Promotion

Finally, it’s time to price and promote your services. Pricing should aim to cover all your costs plus pull enough profit to pay for your personal expenses, business expenses, and business growth. Social media presence and advertising are the best ways to promote your business when everything else is in order.

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