What Does it Mean When Dogs Ears Are Back?

What Does It Mean When Dogs Ears Are Back?

A careful observation of your dog’s eyes, mouth, and tail can give you critical information about his intentions and emotional state. However, accurately reading what your pup communicates through ear positions is a totally different ball game. Dog ears are much more challenging to read and understand, and you’ll need to view them in conjunction with other … Read more

How To Clean German Shepherd Ears in 8 Simple Easy Steps

How To Clean German Shepherd Ears

German shepherds are large dog breeds that make loyal family pets and excellent watchdogs. They have large, erect ears, making them keen listeners while at the same time allowing more air circulation than floppy ears. Their ear canals also tend to stay relatively dryer, making them less prone to infections. However, it’s still important to clean your … Read more

Chihuahua Games To Play With Your Pup

Chihuahua Games

Chihuahuas are the most noticeable dog breeds owing to their endearing small size. Although Chihuahuas can weigh as little as 3kg/6lbs in size and 10 inches, they have big, adorable personalities. Moreover, Chihuahuas are very energetic and tend to enjoy different forms of playtime. In this guide, we highlight some fun Chihuahua games to play with your pup. … Read more

Are Shiba Inus Good With Kids?

Are Shiba Inus Good With Kids

The Shiba Inu is a fascinating breed; their foxlike appearance has always made them endearing to individuals. The fascination with this animal has made individuals consider taking them home. While this does not seem like a big deal for those who live alone, you may have cause to worry if you have kids. Shiba Inus … Read more

Do Shiba Inus Shed?

Do Shiba Inus Shed

Shiba Inus are small to medium-sized mountain dogs that were first bred in Japan for hunting. They make excellent companions and guard dogs due to their alertness and keen senses. But do Shiba Inus shed? In this post, you’ll learn how much a Shiba Inu sheds, how to groom them, and how you can reduce the shedding.  … Read more

Are Huskies Good with Kids?

Are Huskies Good with Kids

The Siberian Husky is among of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world. The first things you’ll notice about the Husky are its unique eyes and the heavy fur coat around the canine. The Husky’s beauty has made it one of the most sought-after dogs today, and many families have a Husky as their … Read more

Best Dog Car Seats for Large Dogs in 2021

Best Dog Car Seat for Large Dogs

If you are tired of the various air travel regulations regarding bringing pets on board, bringing her along in your car should be a decent plan. Getting the ideal car seat for your dog might be challenging as there are different options available on the market. Fortunately for you, we’ve done the bulk of the … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pickles? Are They Even Safe For Dogs?

Can Dogs Eat Pickles

Pickles are perfect duos for snacks such as hot dogs, sandwiches, and hamburgers. They are crunchy, crispy, and have a salty-sour taste. Pickles are a healthy choice for snacking because they have specific vitamins, minerals, and small amounts of calories. But can dogs eat pickles? Are pickles good or bad for your dog? The answer … Read more