best food for yorkie with allergies

best dog food for allergies

Is your Yorkie itching his body or feet whenever he takes certain foods? It could be a sign that your pup has a food allergy and can benefit from eating hypoallergenic dog foods. Food allergies could also cause recurring ear or skin infections and excessive gassiness in Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie)  and other dog breeds. In … Read more

Best Bike Carts for Dogs Reviewed

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If you’re the active dog parent who enjoys taking your furry friend on outdoor expeditions, a bicycle dog trailer could be a worthwhile investment. The best bike carts for dogs allow you to take your pup along when cycling to the grocery store or for exercise. Your pup won’t have to endure the boredom in … Read more

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry for Dogs

Sedation Dentistry for Dogs

The issue of sedation dentistry for dogs has created heated debates over the last couple of years with some pet owners questioning the safety of anesthesia for dental procedures on pets. However, top vets across the globe have affirmed that the risks associated with anesthesia are far less than the risk of systemic effects of … Read more