Best Dog Psychology Books

Being a good pet parent can be a challenging task, especially for first-time dog owners.  However, training your doggie properly is one way of ensuring your dog doesn’t embarrass you in the neighborhood or when out in public places. Hiring the services of professional canine handlers, dog trainers, or behaviorists can be very expensive. But with the best dog psychology books, you can transform even the most vicious canine into a peace-loving, obedient, and companionable pooch.

You can spend a few dollars and yet manage to find the right dog training book that can actually help you become a better pet parent in a matter of days. Here is a review of the top ten dog training books you should consider checking out.

1: 101 Dog Tricks Positive Dog Training Book

This is one of the best dog training books on our list that has full-cover photos and lots of tips on how to train your dog. Kyra Sundance, the author of the book, guides you in every step-of-the-way on how to build various important cues such as “take a bow”, “sit” and “bring me a particular object”.

In other words, with this particular book, you can train your dog on how to open the refrigerator and bring you a beer or even operate the TV remote control. The book’s step-by-step approach is very helpful especially to first-time dog owners who have no clue on how to get started and master the right dog training skills down the road.

The author also helps you learn how to transition away from using treats and easily include dog training into your daily schedule. At an affordable price of around $14, the book managed to sell more than one million copies in a short period.

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Sundance offers you lots of spirit informational content that will enable you to build a long-lasting bond between you and your dog in a fun way. By employing various fun activities, you can quickly help your pooch perform interesting activities that no other canine can manage in your neighborhood.

The author has broken down the training into various labels to include the interest of beginners and seasoned dog trainers all in one book.

2: The Art of Raising a Puppy

Investing in a new puppy can be a daunting task for new pup owners. This is the best-rated dog training book for puppy owners that is perfectly crafted and put together by the Monks of New Skete, which is a community of dog-loving monks.

The monks have more than 30 years of experience in training and caring for German Shepherd puppies. So, by reading through the book’s 352 pages, you’ll learn a lot and gain crucial insights into what it takes to train and love your new puppy.

The first edition of this book that was published in 2001 and its revised version of 2011 are full of useful advice on how you can take good care of your puppy and train your furry friend almost effortlessly.

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Since 1966, when the Monks of New Skete communities were formed in New York, they mastered the art of taking care of a wide range of dog breeds. At a price of around $21.06, you can rest assured that you’ll get more value for your money.

Essentially, the book is packaged in such a manner that it helps new pup owners learn the most basic commands that their puppies can easily learn at their developmental stages.

The book will help you train your dog on how to adjust to a new home without too much difficulty. Meaning, you’ll still get to enjoy the kisses and snuggles that come with bringing that new pup into your home without stressing your new friend unnecessarily.

3: Training the Best Dog Ever

The concept of positive reinforcement is the most crucial part of training your canine about obedience. This book deserves to be on our list of the best dog training books because it’s loved by dog owners who truly adore their dogs.

These are the dog parents who believe that their pets are part and parcel of the family. Just like any other family member, the dog deserves to be loved, respected, and taken care of. According to Larry Kay and Dawn Sylvia-Stasiewicz, the authors of the book, punishing a dog during training can be counterproductive.

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In other words, if a pet owner wants to succeed in training his or her dog about obedience and good behaviors, it’s imperative to steer clear of any form of punishment. Furthermore, both Kay and Sylvia-Stasiewicz are renowned personalities in the world of dog training.

Kay is the author of an award-winning DVD designed for kids called ANIMAL WOW, while Sylvia-Stasiewicz is a reputable dog trainer in the United States who contributes a lot to various dog training magazines and other popular online publications.

At a very affordable price of only $7, which is the cheapest on our list, you’ll learn more about obedience and behavioral training in dogs within a period of five weeks or less.

4: Dog Training Revolution by Zak George

Zak George has creatively analyzed the best ways of training a dog in this Complete Guide to Raising the Perfect Pet with Love. Together with Dina Roth Port, they highlight improved ways of training a dog such as a clicker among other things.

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Zak has mastered the art of coming up with revolutionized ways of training dogs in modern-day while Dina has been a consistent contributor in major offline and online publications that focus on dog training.

At a cost of around $13, the book will teach you dozens of dog training tactics including primary and leash training. Apart from helping you learn the basic pup obedience training tactics, the book will also guide you on how to manage various behavioral issues such as aggression, leash pulling, and nuisance barking in your dog.

In addition, the authors have included important topics on nutrition and veterinary care that can help foster a healthier relationship between you and your hound.

5: Lucky Dog Lessons

If you’re looking for some help on how to properly train your dog painstakingly, then Brandon MacMillan’s Lucky Dog Lessons is a good start. Considering that Brandon is an Emmy-winning celebrity in matters training dogs, the book guarantees you the best advice and tips that you need to get it right the first time.

Brandon has aptly captured the art of helping distressed shelter dogs in his CBS show by caring for the homeless dogs, showing them love, and training them on how best to be affable when around people and other animals.

He demonstrates all these in his Lucky Dog Lessons by helping the reader understand how it feels to rescue these shelter dogs. The book will essentially help you learn how to build trust with a new dog in a fun way and slowly build a long-lasting bond with your dog without the need to invest in professional dog trainers.

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You’ll also get to learn some of the most basic dog commands that you can quickly master in a few minutes. Furthermore, he shares some of the most inspirational dog rescue stories in some of the pages so as to inspire new readers. This is mainly why this particular book is different from the others on this list.

Apart from getting professional advice from a celebrity dog trainer, Lucky Dog Lessons gives you an opportunity to access positive training methods. The proven dog expert will help you learn how to connect with your furry in the most candid manner. We recommend this book for dog parents who want to know how to handle and train the most difficult dog situations.

6: The Other End of the Leash

This is another great option of an obedience best dog training book that mostly covers topics about various dog training techniques, especially for advanced trainers. That is why the book focuses more on how the trainer interacts with the dog rather than how the dog interacts with the dog trainer.

In order to understand Why We Do What We Around Dogs, you need to read every page of The Other End of the Leash thoroughly. This way, you’ll also learn more about human and dog psychology so as to further your training. In other words, this is one of the best dog training books for people who are interested in learning more about dog psychology.

By understanding dog psychology, you’ll know how to relate with your pooch on a canine level. You’ll be in a better position to choose the right dog that suits your personality and understand the difference between discipline and punishment much better.

The book covers various crucial dog training issues such as why the problems that usually occur between a dog and the dog owner often lie with the owner, not the dog. The robust scientific concepts explored in this book are meticulously put together by Patricia McConnell, Ph.D., who is also a highly experienced speaker on dog behavior.


She has had a chance to host numerous seminars across the US and other European countries. Patricia is also well known for using evidence-based strategies when explaining a variety of dog training tactics to her audiences.

Therefore, if you truly need to build a meaningful partnership with your dog, then it’s only advisable to incorporate Patricia’s real-life examples in your dog training sessions.

Unfortunately, it might not be the best option for dog owners who love perusing through photos and illustrations when reading a book. Maybe that’s the book’s weakest link. However, it’s a huge prerequisite when it comes to learning how to perfectly train your furry friend affordably.

7: Decoding Your Dog

Due to the sea of dog training books and other publications available both online and offline, a new dog owner might find it confusing to identify the best start. Moreover, there are hundreds of dog training methods and approaches being recommended by experts and seasoned dog owners online.

Hence, investing in a dog training book such as Decoding Your Dog, which analyzes all these dog training approaches and manuals is a great way to get started in your journey. The book basically gives you an overview of various proven methods so you can avoid wasting your time and reading through several books or trying out a number of methods.


The book will quickly help you understand the dog training techniques out there so you can choose what works best for you without wasting your time and resources unnecessarily. Although the book is generally full of expert advice, everything is analyzed in such a way that it can be enjoyed by readers from all walks of life.

The contributions in the book in regards to training treats canine harnesses, dog training tips, dog supplies and more are all from various expert trainers. The veterinary approved positive dog training strategies in this book is everything that you need to know about dog training.

Since the information in this book is compiled from more than one expert dog trainer, it’s easier for every dog owner to find the approach that he/she is most comfortable with.

8: Training Your Own Service Dog

A service dog is a rare companion animal in most households. Lelah Sullivan carefully guides readers on how to transform their dogs into service dogs in her dog training book Training Your Own Service Dog. Meaning, you don’t have to spend your life’s savings in acquiring a service dog, if you read this book.

As a retired service dog trainer, Sullivan is the best dog trainer who can help you learn all the fundamentals of transforming your dog into a service dog suited for a wide range of disabilities. If you don’t have enough funds to acquire an official service dog from a licensed service dog agency, then this book may come in handy.

This is an impeccable dog training guide designed for training service dogs.  At a very low price of around $10, you can easily train your pup to become an effective companion who helps you around the house. Once you master Sullivan’s steps on how to train a service dog effectively, you can gradually train your dog on how to follow a range of commands.

9: Perfect Puppy in 7 Days

The book helps dog owners learn how to train their dogs how to perfectly socialize with new people. For just as little as $10, this book will teach you how to Start Your Puppy Off Right. This is a great option for people who frequently go out with their tykes for walks and runs.

If you’re looking for the best way to teach your dog potty training skills and how to be polite, then the Perfect Puppy in 7 Days book is a good choice. While the title may sound a little too farfetched or over-promising, it has what you need to train your dog perfectly within the first 7 days of adoption.


Sophia Yin, an experienced doctor of veterinary sciences, guides you on how to effectively train your new puppy within the shortest period. Most of her dog training approaches are borrowed from numerous studies and researches that she has been involved in over the years. The how-to exercises and several visuals used in the book makes it easier for readers to understand what they need to do right during the first 7 days.

In general, it’s a good start for new dog parents and owners who need to learn dog training quickly perhaps due to their busy work-related commitments. Therefore, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to spend the entire seven days, uninterrupted with your dog.

10: Beyond the Back Yard

It’s one of the best rated dog training books because it tells you what to do with your dog and when to do it. In addition, it’ll explain why you should do it. In order to break down this concept more clearly, the book has three sections, namely educational, approach and problem-solving.

Once you fully understand what dog training is all about, the book gives you a hands-on approach to how it’s done and finally how to solve the problems you may encounter along the way. The three parts of the book are pretty straightforward for both new dog owners and experienced dog enthusiasts.


Additionally, the book’s author, Denise Fenzi, is an experienced dog trainer who runs A dog training school over the internet. Apart from winning numerous dog obedience awards in various competitions, she is also known for advocating for gentle dog training approaches across the globe.

Her 35 years of experience in the industry has thought her a lot when it comes to training dogs in a wide range of commands and behaviors. In a nutshell, Beyond the Back Yard is a comprehensive dog training guide. The combination of advice and tips compiled in this book will make the bond between you and your dog stronger and more enjoyable.


With the right positive dog training book, you can become a real “dog’s whisperer” who truly understands both the intellectual and behavioral capabilities of various dog breeds. Even though you can easily find the right tips from online forums and social media platforms, the right dog training books come with detailed lessons on how to raise your furry friend. To understand the aspect of positive dog training, we can conclude that the aforementioned list of the best dog training books will satisfy all your needs.

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